Marin Barleti University is a non-public Higher Education Institution created in 2005 by Marin Barleti JSC, part of the DUDAJ Investment Group, which aims to:
• Research, Development and Education in Higher Education;
• Applying knowledge to community-based projects;
• Services to society.

UMB aims with ambition towards internationalization. Through close collaboration with Civil Society and business, utilizing the capacities of the Jean MONET Chair and the UNESCO Chair, UMB aims to contribute to the development of knowledge at national, regional and international level, within the profiles of its fields of study: economics, finance, law, social and political science, public administration, education, sports and recreation, architecture, IT, engineering and teacher training. The institution continues to incubate new academic and research-development environments rich in international profiles as well as increase inter-institutional arrangements for student mobility across all study cycles.  Moreover, the institution concludes appropriate arrangements for staff training and research and development and training. The institution is committed to creating all the opportunities and facilities for the reception and accommodation of international students and academic staff. It plans to evaluate the offer of study programs or special classes in some of the European Union languages ​​as well, to make them more attractive as well as to facilitate the integration of foreign students and invited professors within academic exchanges.

UMB aims to create mobility opportunities for students in all its study programs and in all study cycles. Mobility for Master's degree students has been increasing year by year, along with the introduction of our second cycle programs. The Office of International Relations (IRO) works closely with program coordinators to determine the best partners, with the best exchange opportunities. The institution plans special funds to give program coordinators the opportunity to visit potentially partner institutions. The IRO participates in meetings with potential partners to form its own opinions and beliefs in the service of the process and to take measures for the readiness, procedures, and infrastructures of reception, accommodation, visits, etc.

UMB has the ambition to offer and establish joint study programs with selected partner institutions, with considerable scope for international cooperation. We are in the process of creating a Dual Degree Master Program with the Polytechnic University of Bari, a Joint Doctoral Program in International Family and Community Life Studies with Clemson University in the USA; further, we are applying for Erasmus + funding to develop a Master's Degree Program in Public Administration through the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Program.